Saturday, October 1, 2016

Install Windows on External Hard Disk and Boot From Mac .

Start From Scratch & Please Follow Step By Step
For the best use of these steps , i suggest you google each one before you start !! aka gather some info

Hardware Requirements :-
  1. Windows Computer installed and working  (XP/2000 -Vista - 7 -  8 - 10 -VM).  
  2. Obviously a Mac computer with OS X10.10  and above  
  3. External Hard-Disk 32 Gb or More .
  4. 4GB USB Key .

Software Requirements :-
  • Files To Download On Windows
  1.  MediaCreationTool.exe  (LINK) .
  2. Windows.iso x64bit downloaded by the tool above and saved to your PC.
  3. WinToUSB Enterprise v3.2 Multilingual Portable (just google that)
  • Files To Download On Mac
  1. gdisk-1.0.1.pkg  (LINK)


      On WINDOWS :
      1. Open MediaCreationTool
      3. Choose language and edition but it must be 64-bit
      4. Save to ISO file ON YOUR PC  ( Over 3 GB to download so you can follow with the next steps you still have sometime ! ) .
      5.  Plug in your External Harddisk (where you wish to install Windows.)
      6. ON keyboard press and hold Window sign and the letter R (will open Run)
      7. Type DISKPART  (now it will open a cmd) next steps in cmd
      8. Type list disk
      9. Type select disk # (replace # with your external hard disk number that you got from the step above)
      10. Type clean  (when done you can close)
      11. Right Click on your computer icon and select Manage.
      12. On the left panel click on DISK MANAGEMENT "will take sometime to show also if it tells you to initialize choose gpt "
      13. Find your external hard disk
      14. On the DISK number right click and convert to gpt 
      15. now on the free space create a first partition with 500 MB and format to FAT32 name it EFI
      16. Format the the rest of the free space to NTFS and name it OS
      17. when done close everything you opened (clear view to desktop) .
      18. Open WinToUSB Enterprise with administrator privileges.
      19. Choose the WINDOWS.ISO (if  MediaCreationTool done with downloading the iso)
      20. Choose the External hard disk you just formatted  .(must see and choose EFI if you did not see it that means you didnt format the hard disk or maybe still no converted to gpt google around)
      21. Choose your desired Operating System.
      22. Install and wait until its Done. 

      On MAC :
      1. Open boot Camp app from your mac
      2. Choose only to download latest media "basically uncheck all but check the second option ".
      3. Save it to the USB KEY (Mentioned in Hardware Requirements above) .
      4. This will download windows boot camp divers for your windows computer.
      5. Unplug USB KEY when done.
      6. Open the file gdisk-1.0.1.pkg and install (Mentioned in Software Requirements above) .
      7. Plug in your external HARD DISK .
      8. Open terminal and run these commands and dont try to be geeky just follow these commands.
      9. Type sudo gdisk /dev/disk0 
      10. Type p  to view the existing partition table and verify you’re working on the correct disk.
      11. Type x to enter the expert menu.
      12. Type n to create a fresh protective MBR
      13. Type w to save your changes and confirm the changes.
      14. Type q to exit GPT fdisk.
      15. So basically     p enter x Enter n Enter w Enter q Enter  .
      16. Now restart and hold the option key and choose the External Harddisk
      17. it Might boot several times make sure you always hold the option key .
      18. When installing is done plug in your USB key and install drivers.
      19. Done :)